Friday, July 1, 2011

Progress And More

 Lately I have been reading blogs in the morning.  It is a great way to get my day going.  Lots of inspiration out there in blog land!   I came across a blog and it hit the spot for me today.  It is My Country Home.  The title for Tuesday, June 28th reads.....The World Owes You Nothing.  I really needed to hear those words today!   Sometimes in life you can forget such a simple thing.   My husband and I have always prided ourselves in the hard work that we put into our lives and what a great outcome it has proved to be even during hard times. 
As my foot heels I am able to make some progress on my rug!   Still wishing I could get to the dye pot!   Would love to whip up some new colors for a rug idea that I have in mind.   I never really liked sitting around very much but at least I am now sitting and working on a rug and in time I will be back at the dye pot!


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