Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid's Summer Crafting Day!

Yesterday I asked my son to get the mail and he came running in so excited!   He had found my magazine called Stuffed in the mailbox and said they had really cool things.  It made me smile.  He really wanted to make something like one of the creatures in the magazine.  My kids love to craft and that really makes me happy!   I know that one day my son might outgrow this but I will enjoy this while he is little.   I suggested to my son that most of these are sewn but that maybe he could cut and glue and make something similar in fashion.   He agreed and this is what he came up with....

Owl On Skate Board
My daughter also loved the ideas in the magazine and made something as well.  She can sew a little bit so she tried to make hers stuffed!

Mr. Rabbit

It's good to let your children be creative!   To have a finished product in quick fashion puts smiles all around.
If you get out try looking for the magazine Stuffed and it could inspire you to make something today!


ps if you are home bound like me here is a link to purchase the magazine...

Stuffed Magazine

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rug Design

Being immobile has let me venture into the big wide world of blogland the last month. It's been fun going to other countries (from blogland) and seeing what everyone is doing around the world. I am really loving what I am seeing! So many creative and very talented artists. I love the many different designs in rugs. For some this task comes easy and others well it can be a bit of a daunting challenge but the nice part for those who need help is that I found a few books/ E-patterns that can help. The first is from Mad Hen Primitives. Tonya has a couple of really great books that I have used for some of my own rug designs. The first one is called Inspiration From the Heart and Soul and her second book is called More Inspiration From the Heart and Soul. Tonya has great tips on how to make your rug your very own. My other find is from Bird In The Hand Primitives blog. Robin has several booklets for sale with doodle designs for rugs or other stitchery. I have not ordered but this is on my list to buy!!! Robin also has a horse freebie doodle on her blog! If I can somehow get to a dye pot I might just hook this one up. I should say I have not been able to stand on my feet for over a month now due to my little accident! I now have a plate and nine bolts to hold my ankle in place. You would think that I would have done a ton of rug hooking but it is really hard when your foot is up in the air! Now that things are healing hopefully I can start to rug hook again.

Designed by Elaine Fink

Other places to look for motifs for your designs are magazine's.   Here I have found shapes of objects that I love and turned it into a pattern.   You may use this design if you like but please name me as designer!  Please respect all artist out in blogland!  
 Would love to see your finished work.
Happy Hooking!    Elaine