Thursday, July 21, 2011

On The Frame

I started  my new rug hooking project this week.  Thought you would like to take a sneak peek!   It seems to be going fast and I am really liking the colors that I dyed for this rug.
On my rug frame
Years ago when I lived in Colorado (Umm , Wishing that I was there now due to the heat wave!)   I made and sold my own dye formulas using Cushing Dyes.  Someone had asked for the formula from my last dying batch but unfortunately it is not mine to give away.  I used Pro-Chem dyes for the project above  using Holly Hill Designs Dyeing For Color. I highly recommend this book if you use Pro-Chem dyes.  So... hopefully you will enjoy this one for your fall rugs.  It is called Jack O' Orange.  You use a half yard of  off white, camel or light texture wool for this color.
Jack O' Orange using Cushing Dyes

Stay Cool,   Elaine

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  1. Super cute! I am amazed that you don't use a pattern for these things! I always love to see what you are creating!