Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Picasso

I have to admit that painting is a lot quicker then rug hooking. I do love the process of hooking though! I love the texture, planning and the rhythm of hooking.
Even dying the wool is fun. The color doesn't always turn out the way you plan once hooked up so you try again. It can be a long process. Painting I find quick and satisfying. Sometimes I walk away and think about it. Then when I go back it comes together the way I see it. No I am not Picasso nor will I ever be famous for my art. I do know art relieves stress and takes me into another place. I am at ease!

Some of my favorite primitive artists are Maude Lewis, Grandma Moses, and Hemmerling.

Great Grandparents

Who are some of your favorite artists?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Projects

Who knew a chandelier could take a day and a half to hang! Well all I have to say is thank you to my wonderful husband for working on this large project. It is a vintage chandelier. The problem was the old chandelier was not centered over the table. It took some work but the new vintage one is we're it should be and the room is taking on a new look.

Another small painting/paper project of mine has been snowmen. The weather here has been rainy and cold. No snow in our area. That is far and few in the land Texas. I just felt the need to make a few snow people! I don't think I am quite ready for warm weather. I do know a few of you bloggers are looking forwards to spring! Last summer did me in with the heat.

Well one more photo. Here are the boys...... I should take note that if I get up and out of my chair it gets over taken by the aliens.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's Been Too Long

I wasn't sure what to call this post because it has been so long!  It was a needed break.  Today my daughter wanted to know if someone taught me my signature or if I just learned to do it on my own. I laughed because I would have never thought to ask that question.  I never really put a lot of effort into practicing my handwriting.  I also really don't like my handwriting and feel as though it is like a doctors scribble!  The reason my daughter asked is because she needed a paper signed for school.
What have I been doing besides answering questions on handwriting?   Finishing up a few things around the house and starting to feel more relaxed.  With the relaxing part I am able to create!  The paints and brushes came flying out.    I am a primitive painter at heart and I should say that about all of my art!  Besides painting I started a couple of small hooking projects and need to get back to them.   I do need to get the dye pots out and work on some new colors.  So that is what I am doing. A little of this and a little of that.  So what are you working on?