Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid's Summer Crafting Day!

Yesterday I asked my son to get the mail and he came running in so excited!   He had found my magazine called Stuffed in the mailbox and said they had really cool things.  It made me smile.  He really wanted to make something like one of the creatures in the magazine.  My kids love to craft and that really makes me happy!   I know that one day my son might outgrow this but I will enjoy this while he is little.   I suggested to my son that most of these are sewn but that maybe he could cut and glue and make something similar in fashion.   He agreed and this is what he came up with....

Owl On Skate Board
My daughter also loved the ideas in the magazine and made something as well.  She can sew a little bit so she tried to make hers stuffed!

Mr. Rabbit

It's good to let your children be creative!   To have a finished product in quick fashion puts smiles all around.
If you get out try looking for the magazine Stuffed and it could inspire you to make something today!


ps if you are home bound like me here is a link to purchase the magazine...

Stuffed Magazine

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  1. It's wonderful that your kids love to create. They made the cutest creatures. Being an owl lover, your son's owl made me smile but your daughter's rabbit is charming as well.