Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh! How I Have Been Dyeing To Dye!

As you can see I have made it back to the dye pots!   I needed some fall colors for some pumpkins I am going to start working on.  I used Holly Hill Designs Dyeing For Color.   In the past I have used many dyes like Cushing, Jacquard, and Pro-Chem.   I really am starting to like Pro-Chem the best.   I do use all of the dyes that I have listed but really enjoy the ease of Pro-Chem.  I also like the vibrant colors that you get using this dye.
Drying in the Texas heat!  100+ outside

No need for the dryer....with slight hot/dry breeze!

Links to purchase dyes:
Pro Chemical and Dye
Jacquard Acid Dye
W. Cushing & Company

Fun links to watch:
Heather Ritchie
Kool-Aid Dyeing

Books And Swatches For Dyeing:
Doo Dye Inn Dye Book
Primary Fusion Dye Book
Beautiful Wool

Other books to keep a look out for are:
Vermont Folk Rugs by Laurilyn Wiles
Recipes From the Dye Kitchen by Maranne Lincoln

Happy Dyeing............Elaine


  1. Such lovely colors! The harvest hues make me wish for fall. Thank you for sharing the links.

  2. I'm so glad that you are back on your feet! I love the fall colors!

  3. Yummy pumpkin colors - can you share the recipe? Or is it from a published book? Thank you for sharing links to the videos - I enjoyed watching them - especially Heather's - with her cute English accent!

  4. Thanks! Wish foot would stop hurting!!!! Ugh! I am wishing for fall or some sort of coolness like RAIN! : )