Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Spring is here and  I think it has arrived a wee bit early.  It also is not doing well for me!   Having to stay home from work....I have no voice today.  I didn't think that this would go very well with my preschool friends at work.  On the other hand my boys at home are enjoying  time with their mom!  Luke has patrolled the yard most of the day looking for birds and other critters and Mr Pudge well he just wants to be close to me.   So we had a little photo shoot out back!


Mr Pudge

I would of had them sitting next to each other but that is near impossible!  They really like to chase each other when they are outside.  I must say that I do love my rescue pups.  They each have such great personality's.

My brother and his family will be arriving tomorrow for a wedding so I thought it would be a good time to give him his gift!   I finished it up last week and snapped a few better photos for you to see!  Plus it is always a good way to catalog your rugs that you make.  I have a album that has all the rugs that I have done in years past.
close up

35x22    #8cut

Label I made with printer.

Now onto next project.......must be smaller!  Have I already said that!!

Wishing you a happy spring and if it hasn't arrived yet hoping it will soon! 


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cats and Birds

 I hooked my Crazy Cat rug years ago. Not my design but by Quail Hill.   I really doubt that the background is what they might have recommended for this rug!  Honestly I have no where to put this rug in my home.  Not my colors or really my style. It never really has fit in anywhere I have lived!  Just had fun hooking this one.  I am starting to think that I like cats with birds because I  hooked another rug with this same theme!   I don't even own a cat now.  I did have cats growing up.  First I had Maggie....Umm  she just followed me home from school! She was a  beautiful Siamese cat.  Then we adopted Oscar who was orange and had long hair and last came Toby a Siamese mix.  Found him in the rain as a kitten and bottle fed him.  It's another rug that I just hooked and once again it was a wing it type of thing!   So it is now rolled up and tucked away and maybe one day my children will want it for their home! 

Happy March!