Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Picasso

I have to admit that painting is a lot quicker then rug hooking. I do love the process of hooking though! I love the texture, planning and the rhythm of hooking.
Even dying the wool is fun. The color doesn't always turn out the way you plan once hooked up so you try again. It can be a long process. Painting I find quick and satisfying. Sometimes I walk away and think about it. Then when I go back it comes together the way I see it. No I am not Picasso nor will I ever be famous for my art. I do know art relieves stress and takes me into another place. I am at ease!

Some of my favorite primitive artists are Maude Lewis, Grandma Moses, and Hemmerling.

Great Grandparents

Who are some of your favorite artists?



  1. *****very, very charming! who would want to be
    another picasso when you can produce such wonderful folk art like this??? i agree with your list but would add...tasha tudor and will moses to it as well.