Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finishing Touches!

"Meow"     Designed by Elaine Fink.        Hand Torn.
Folded Back
My favorite part of making a rug is the binding!   It is the finishing part that I love.  The knowing I have completed another project. I love using wool for my binding and used this method for my rug.  I decided it would be nice to see what other options were out on the market.   I always sew onto the binding my information such as: the name of the rug,  who it was designed by or a story about the rug.   This time I am going to try something different and thought that I would share with you.   I found a great web called Three Hollys Rug Hooking and they make fabric labels for the back of your rugs.  They have single color labels available in 2 sizes, 15 border designs, your choice of 12 colors and most any font you could want!  Labels are printed on white treated 100% cotton fabric and the edges are satin stitched.  For an extra dollar you can even have the option of tea stained label.  So instead of my trusty sewing machine I am going to order a label for this rug!   I also did a search on binding tape.   I seemed to have a difficult time getting my wool binding to work with me on this particular  rug and  I am not sure if it was just too thick of a wool!   The company I found has cotton binding in lightweight and heavyweight and in two different sizes. The best part about this is they print information on the binding for you.   I might give this a try in the near future!  Look at TwillTape.Com and see what they have to offer.   I was very excited about this and will try using it on my next rug design.  
Happy Binding!   Elaine
Three Hollys Rug Hooking

Twill  Tape
Large ~ x 7½"   $10.00
~for that old look, add $1 for tea or coffee dyeing of your label~

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  1. It is amazing to me that you can make those patterns. I love the "meow" background. Keep sharing the fun stuff!