Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rug Kits

Kits can be a wonderful thing! I was packing for our camping adventure and wanted to take my next project with me. My only problem was that I really didn't want to bring my cutter. Packing two kids, one dog and me left no time for extra cutting and planning my next project! So looking deep into my closet I found a great surprise! Sometime ago I had purchased a precut kit from Mad Hen Primitives! I had already stored my kit in a small picnic basket and it was ready to go. All I needed was my hook and frame. I have done one other kit in my life and normally I would have planned and been more prepared but sometimes life just gets in the way! I did a search on kits and thought that I would share with you the places I visited.  I found lots of beginner kits and this is wonderful for a beginner but I was looking for something that would knock my socks off!  Kits can be on the pricey side but you do need to consider the work put into the kit and size of rug.  The other consideration is you don't have to decide on color planning or worry if you have time to cut wool and no dying to get that perfect color!  I really do love designing and planning my rugs but I can not begin to tell you how happy I was in finding this kit!  Maybe next time I will plan, cut and have another project ready to go in the picnic basket.....for that just in case moment!    Check out the webs and see what I found and enjoy!   Elaine

ps  I found another great web with kits and have added it to the list!   I love Holly Hill Designs.  I just dyed my wool for the Crazy Horse Tote.   If you know of any other webs with great kits we would love to hear about them!

The Merry Hooker
Winter Berry Cabin
Payton Primitives
Mad Hen Primitives
Holly Hill Designs


  1. This is a new craft idea for me. I really like the idea of starting with a kit as the idea of planning my own design and dying my wool (Yikes!) sounds a little daunting for a beginner. You better watch out - You may be starting another hobby for me and my husband might come after you! HEHEHEHE!

  2. Jamie, knowing how talented you are I am sure you would make wonderful rugs! Just tell your wonderful husband that it is only a small craft! ; o )