Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shrinky Dinks!

This week the new March Country Living Magazine arrived and I had to try the Shrinky Dink bracelet!  Here is my creation using vintage buttons and Shrinky Dinks!   The instructions for making are very simple and PDFs templates for printing on Shrinky Dink plastic are included at the Country living web page!  Click on the highlighted  Country Living Craft and this should take you to their page.  You can also order the printer Shrinky Dinks plastic at the online store.   The featured guest in Country Living under idea notebook is Cathe Holden at    Visit her site for more inspirational ideas.  A great book to get:  Shrink Art Jewelry by Klutz.

Enjoy!   Elaine


  1. LOVE your jewelry pieces!!! This just tickles me pink to see you make them and add your own "charm" to the jewelry idea! was so happy to be mentioned in CL that they are offering all my blog readers a free gift when they order anything from their website. Coupon code JSIM4FREE ! Thanks so much for the fabulous mention! -Cathe

  2. Elaine - How fun to find another rug hooking blogger! I think Cathe Holden is SUCH a creative person! About a year ago I got a free pattern from her blog for an iPod cover she had made with leather. Well, I made several using thick felted wool and they turned out so cute! I gave some to friends and they just loved them!

  3. Gayle, I love the idea of a IPod cover made with wool! I will have to look this up! I am very glad you found my blog! Happy hooking! Elaine