Sunday, September 9, 2012

: Moved and Sorting

Yes, We are moved and I am still unpacking and sorting through stuff.   I never knew that I could accumulate so much stuff!  I guess that I did but just didn't want to admit it!   We are still painting and redoing to make our new home ours and it is slow going but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!   I am also slowly getting back into my art as well.  My most recent project using Sculpey clay was introduced to me by my sister in law!  I had a blast working with her. She was getting ready for a art exhibit.  I told her my art is not realistic as hers is and very beautiful!   So this is what I came up with!

Clay Sculpture 2012

I'm not really sure what it is supposed to be.  My kids think its a monkey creature!  

Next up is a picture of my new work room!   I am very happy about this space.  It's not all finished a few more things to work on but I and the family have been spending some good quality time creating art.

Luke making himself at home

My husband grumped because he had to hang my cubbies cabinet and it weighs a ton!  We have hauled this from many homes.  I found it in (umm... my husband found it!)  the trash from a daycare center that closed.  It is great for storing all of my dyes.  I guess he can't  grump too much because he knows how much it makes me happy!   

The one thing that has kept me sane through this move is looking and reading everyone's blogs!  I certainly have used a lot of ideas in my new home.   

  I am really glad to be back and hope to post soon.



  1. what a job it is to move but it is also exciting to make things yours.

  2. Love the cubbies! Cute little guy too! I'm sticking with the passey story.

  3. Elaine ~
    Congrats on getting moved. What a chore!
    LOVE the new craft room!!! And those cubbies are to die for.
    Hugs :)