Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cats and Birds

 I hooked my Crazy Cat rug years ago. Not my design but by Quail Hill.   I really doubt that the background is what they might have recommended for this rug!  Honestly I have no where to put this rug in my home.  Not my colors or really my style. It never really has fit in anywhere I have lived!  Just had fun hooking this one.  I am starting to think that I like cats with birds because I  hooked another rug with this same theme!   I don't even own a cat now.  I did have cats growing up.  First I had Maggie....Umm  she just followed me home from school! She was a  beautiful Siamese cat.  Then we adopted Oscar who was orange and had long hair and last came Toby a Siamese mix.  Found him in the rain as a kitten and bottle fed him.  It's another rug that I just hooked and once again it was a wing it type of thing!   So it is now rolled up and tucked away and maybe one day my children will want it for their home! 

Happy March!

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  1. I love it and the back ground it wonderful.