Saturday, February 25, 2012

When Perfect Shouldn't Always Be

First here is a photo of the fish rug!  It is not all done yet but so very close and yes it is not perfect!

Twenty some years ago when I lived in Cheyenne Wyoming I met a woman named Grace. She was in her late 80's back then. I was so excited to meet her because she hooked rugs! She had never known anyone else that hooked rugs. So I brought my rugs and we had a show and tell. She started hooking because she needed rugs for the 20 thousand plus acre cattle ranch they lived on. It's a cold place to live! Her rugs were fantastic. Her own patterns of course on burlap. She never heard of rug hooking magazine and she learned to hook on her own. When I saw her rugs I saw how beautiful they were!  Her rugs by all means were not what we would hook today because she did not have anyone telling her what others conceive as the right way.  The whole part of it was they were functional, beautiful and it was what she liked! They also told stories. I felt almost ashamed showing her my rugs. I felt that I was tarnishing her hooking method and that was No Advise from anyone!  She had her style of hooking and it worked.   I guess what I am trying to say is today everyone has a rule for rug hooking.   What you really don't want a rug to look like is a machine made one. What is the point of that?  You could just buy one at the store if that is what you are after!   It is not always wonderful to be so perfect. It makes things start looking just a little bit stale. My only regret with talking to Grace was not taking photos of her beautiful rugs!   So if your new to hooking find what makes your heart skip a beat and enjoy!

Not always perfect in so many ways!



  1. bravo bravo I love that post. we ruined rug hooking when we put all the rules with it. I am as guilty of this as anyone. Patterns take our creativity away. I for one feel I am not good enough to come up with my own ideas which if I had not had my head filled with rules I may have taken a stab at it.
    Your fish is wonderful.

  2. Well...I think your fish rug is PERFECTLY wonderful !! I love the colors , and your Brother is going to be so happy wih it !!
    Yes.....Love the post !!! :)

  3. GREAT POST, Elaine!
    Love the fish rug! What a thoughtful, made with love gift!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. That is one handsome fish! Great job!