Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage Rugs I Love!

Well now I am hooked on Pinterest!   Wow what a great tool.  It really is just like having your own magazine.  If you haven't tried Pinterest you should.  I just want to warn you though it can be very addictive!  I wonder if there is a support group for this???  Anyway I have a love for vintage and a great love for vintage rugs.  I am sure some of my followers do as well.  I thought that today I would share some photos of the ones that I really love!

Really love the colors in this rug!

I have always had a fondness for animals in rugs.

If you have a fondness as I for vintage rugs here is a great article: A Few Loops Of Hooked Rug History by Tracy Jamar.
I Keep wondering what I might hook after I finish the binding on my fall rug!

Enjoy!   Elaine


  1. Elaine ~
    I've heard Pinterest is very addictive. I think I'd better avoid it.
    Thanks for sharing the rugs. I especially love the first two.
    Pug hugs :)

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