Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Liitle Bit Of Fun And Luck

It seems everyone has been very busy this summer. Every blog I have read seems to have either gone on a trip or had tons of summer activities around them. I myself can be included with the blogland group. Just returning from a quick trip to Colorado visiting some good friends and fun sight seeing! It was also a way of getting out of the unbearable heat that Texas has provided us this summer!
Feeding the giraffe's in Colorado
I have had some luck while I was away. It seems that I have won the Go Baby Fabric cutter by Accuquilt from Heirlooms By Ashton House! I don't think that I have ever won such a big prize before in my life....besides the cake walk at the school festival. I have some fun ideas twirling in my head for this new gizmo! Another note is that I have completed my small mat. I am calling this one Pumpkin Sisters and will be offering it as a pattern on red dot tracing fabric hopefully soon!

Pumpkin Sisters
Wishing everyone a bit of luck! Elaine


  1. Love, love, love the sisters. I think so many of us "hookers" are getting all excited over pumpkins. I just pulled wool for a new pattern for fall. I got it over at Payton Primitives. I can't wait to start it...and it beats binding my other rug! LOL

  2. Super cute rug! Congrats on the winning. I don't even know what that is, but sounds like you will enjoy it. I'm glad you were able to get away - You deserved it after being house bound so long.

  3. Courtney, I Love Payton Primitives Patterns! She has several that I want to hook. Would love to see your rug when you finish! Jamie, it is like a Sizzix paper die cutter except it is used for fabric. I am hoping to make some appliqué mats using the AccuQuilt.

  4. Hi Elaine!
    I just now saw the message you sent me a long, long time ago...
    Your blog is precious! I am not surprised .... your family is growing up
    so fast it seems!
    I really enjoy catching up - such nice looking kiddos.
    I know you are enjoying them and being close to family in Texas.
    I miss you - our hooking times together are great memories.
    Really tickled that you find time for hooking - and me too!
    Of course you can list WSJ as a link - and thanks!!
    I will be checking in from time to time - I signed up for your email updates to your blog...
    You have a hooking pal in Colorado,