Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering and Keeping It Simple

I hooked this rug of my grandparents house sometime ago. Looking at it now I am sure that I would have done things differently if I had hooked it today. Maybe adding more color to the border or adding a few more elements to the rug. What I like about this rug is the things that I remember. I could tell stories about each element that I added. The crow my brother and I saved from a blue spruce tree in the back. We named him Skydive. The wonderful canned pears my grandmother would make. The flowers that my grandfather dug up at the old homestead farm and planted in the front of the house. Yes, I could have added much more to this rug but then it would have become too busy at least for me! So pick the things you remember the most and keep it simple. It is not a exact replica of the actual house but just the important facts and fun stories that I remember.

Don't forget to have some of the facts sewn onto binding or make a large tag so family will know the story behind the artwork.

Keeping Things Simple,

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  1. Elaine, Great rug! I love pictorials, especially when they have a story behind them. Glad you kept it simple. Nice soft colors too! Thanks for sharing....