Thursday, April 28, 2011

Up And Running and Waldorf Stars!

Using 4in and 6in paper.

Using 10in paper.

 Well things can certainly bring things me!   Hail, wind, bronchitis, and pink eye you name it that is where I have been the last few weeks.   Now that I am feeling better my daughter and I started making stars out of tissue paper for the windows.   This is a lot of fun and a fairly simple project.  

These stars are beautiful hanging on a window as the sun shines through them. Many more complex designs can be made, but this is a nice simple one to start with. Any size paper will work. 3” squares are a nice size to work with. The transparency paper is a waxy transparent paper.  Tissue paper may work, but is more difficult to work with when folding and will fade more quickly in the sun.   We use tissue paper and they last about 5 months with direct sun light.
You will need:
8   3” square pieces of transparency paper, also known as kite-paper or colored tissue .
Glue Stick
1. Fold the sheets diagonally so that
points B and C meet. Unfold again
2. Fold points B and C to the diagonal
(b). Stick them down with a little
glue stick.
3. When all eight sheets are folded, assemble
the star. Stick the unfolded
bottom of the first star-point to the
diagonal of the next sheet (c). Continue
until all of the points have been arranged.
 Enjoy!   Elaine

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  1. I love how those look in the big windows! Glad you are better and can share.