Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rug Hooking

"One Way"      Designed and Hooked by  Elaine Fink
Rug Hooking has always been a passion of mine.   I started rug hooking in 1995 and had tried several other art forms over the years but rug hooking became my first love.  I was working for the airlines at the time when I first discovered my hobby. As I was sitting in my jump seat all of a sudden a magazine flew right at my feet!   I picked it up and started to thumb through and found the most beautiful rugs I had ever seen.  When the passengers were leaving the plane I was secretly hoping no one would claim the magazine! I held the magazine up but no one did and my new hobby began!  My hope for this blog is to inspire you into making something for yourself or someone you love whether it be rug hooking or some other handmade project!


  1. Love the rug, is the design yours?
    bliss farm antiques

  2. Thank you Jackie! The rug is my design. Elaine